Pasta with Prawns and Romanesco Broccoli

I do not know if you can find Romanesco Broccoli outside Italy, but what I can tell you is that if you can’t, you can use the common variety instead. I prefer using the Romanesco type not really for the taste, which is very similar, but rather for its texture which is much more compact and firmer.


For 2 large servings:

– 200 gr short pasta (I have used Caserecce but Penne or Rigatoni would do as well)
– 200 gr prawns (I have used frozen prawn tails)
– 1/2 Romanesco broccoli
– 2 cloves of garlic
– evo oil ar
– 1 finger of Marsala wine
– salt ar

After cleaning the broccoli separate the florets. You can cut in two or more the bigger ones. Then steam them for a few minutes until tender.

In a frying pan put some evo oil with the garlic on a medium heat for 3/4 minutes. Try not to burn the garlic ’cause it gets really bitter and unpleasant, when it becomes a nice golden colour you can take it off.

Now add the prawns and put the heat up.

AAA. Whether you have the fresh or the frozen ones you should clean them beforehand by taking off the shells. Once you have done this, with a sharp knife, make an incision on the back of each prawn and take the blak filament off. That is the intestine of the prawn and it is quite bitter to eat (and slightly disgusting too!)

When the oil starts to sizzle, add the Marsala wine. Wait a couple of minute, until the alcohol has evaporated, put a lid on and turn down the heat to the minimum. Leave it for about 5 minutes or until the prawns have changed their colour. Now, with a drainig spoon, take all prawns off the pan and leave them aside, covered to keep them warm.

Cook you pasta in some salted boiling water. When you are about halfway in the cooking process transfer the pasta into the pan with a drainig spoon. Please do not throw away the pasta cooking water because you’ll have to finish cooking the pasta in the sauce and when it dries too much you’ll have to add some of that water.

When there is only a minute left from being ready, add the broccoli and the prawn. Mix well and serve.




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