80th Birthday Cake

Last sunday my father-in-law turned 80 and I was delighted to make him a huge and delicious birthday cake!

I made two identical rectangular sponge cakes. I shaped the first into a 8 and the second into a 0, then I cut them orizontally.

I sprinkled the bases with a syrup made with water, sugar and rum.

Then I spreaded a generous amount of a cheese cream made with 1 kg of ricotta cheese, 200 gr of icing sugar and a spoonful of vanilla extract. I sprinkled with dark chocolate drops and cover it with the tops of the cakes.

I coated both cakes with a dark chocolate ganache and let it harden into the fridge for a couple of hours.

At the end I decorated with some sugar paste flowers I had done the day before,

It was a great success! 🙂


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