Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

They are not common in Italy but lately they are finding their way in little local shops and markets.

Despite their look, not very attractive, they are delicious, low in colesterole and calories. Their taste remainds the one of the artichokes, and that’s the reason for their name.

Here is how to make two portions:

you need the same quantity of Jerusalem Artichokes and potatoes, for two people I have used:

– 200gr Jerusalem Artichokes
– 200gr potatoes
– Dry white wine
– evo oil ar
– salt ar
– Parmesan cheese
– a drop of milk if needed

Thinly slice the J. Artichokes and put them in a sauce-pan with two tablespoons of evo oil and some salt. Let them cook always stirring, now add some white wine, put down the heat and let it cook.

If it dries too much add some water until they are soft.

In the meantime boil the potatoes.

Put together the J. Artichokes and the potatoes and blend. If needed add some milk to make it more fluid.

Serve it with croutons.

Jerusalem Artichokes are very good also sautè with garlic and parmesan or in a Risotto.


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